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Lesbian Relationship Help For Healthy & Happy Relationships

Lesbian Relationship Help For Healthy & Happy Relationships

Relationships can be tricky and maintaining a happy and healthy one, can be a challenge. However, it isn’t impossible and in this article, we will be looking at a few lesbian relationship help guidelines that will help both you and your partner have a more enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

The first thing to pay attention to is compatibility. This is such an important part of a long term happy relationship and intense attraction does not always mean you’ll have enough in common to go the long haul. You and your partner should write a list of the things you both like and a list of the things you don’t like. Find ways to make those things you enjoy together a priority when you are hanging out. Make plans with friends and family to do the things the other does not enjoy. And then, of course, compromise on those areas that are important to the other but aren’t perhaps your favorite thing to do – it shows how much you love and support her and is an important part of a relationship – this can include attending important family gatherings, hanging with friends, going to cultural events that are not quite your style but you know make your girlfriend/partner/wife happy.

Unfortunately, many people stay in relationships for decades even though they are incompatible and are completely unhappy and unfulfilled during that time. So, in order to prevent wasting years of your life, you need to take an honest look at your relationship and the personality and lifestyles of both of you.

One of the most important issues that you should address or at least talk about in the beginning of your relationship is the topic of marriage and children. There are many people who are dead set on getting married and having children and then there are others who have no desire whatsoever to have children. Therefore, it is critical that you are in a relationship with someone who wants the same things otherwise the relationship can get very rocky or even self-destruct.

Next, another issue that you will end up dealing with is fighting and disagreements. Disagreements are unavoidable while being in a relationship, but it is important that both you and your partner learn how to fight and deal with the issues that come up. If you have different styles of fighting – one likes to yell and the other hates to yell – it is best of you take time after a disagreement – a time out so to speak – to calm down. After you both have had some time to reflect on what happened – and what was perhaps triggered you – you can then learn how to discuss the issues in a way that is comfortable for both of you. If you don’t learn how to do this a lot of hurtful things can be said while fighting and it is best that you both take time outs – figure out what is going on to avoid damaging the relationship.

Another tip is that in order to have a healthy relationship is you should not only schedule time to hang out but you should also regularly schedule time apart from one another. Couples that spend too much time together can become toxic and/or stale. It is tempting in the beginning to want to spend all your time with each other –try not to succumb to this urge – it is best if you take your time getting to know each other so as not to put too much on your newly budding love. Make sure to spend time away from each other at least 2 – 3 times per week and spend that time pursuing a hobby, cultivating your career or with your friends and family.

Lastly, a final issue that most couples have problems with is money and other financial matters. Therefore, make sure that as soon as your relationship starts getting serious that you discuss both of your financial habits and develop good spending and saving habits that will secure your future together. Money can be hard for some folks to talk about but crucial to a healthy relationship as it can cause resentments that are hard to heal later on.

In closing, we have just looked at a few lesbian relationship help guidelines that will enable you to have a healthier and happier partnership. In the event that you and your girlfriend/partner/wife can’t work out your differences, you should consider getting couple’s therapy which will definitely help both of you to address any underlying issues and overcome them together.

Here’s some fun real world advice from our friends at Everyone is Gay Youtube Channel.


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