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  • Dr. Lauren D. Costine

Lesbian Dating Advice That Will Help You Land Your Dream Girl

Lesbian Dating Advice That Will Help You Land Your Dream Girl

Lesbian dating can be tough, actually, almost impossible considering that the fact that we are a minority – numbers wise. However, this doesn’t mean that all is lost and you’re doomed to living a life with your 10 cats. It is entirely possible to find your dream girl, however, the trick is to successfully wade through the murky waters of dating long enough to find the one. So, with that said, we will now look at some of the best lesbian dating advice that will help you find the woman of your dreams and keep her!

The first tip is that you have to be confident. Unfortunately, single lesbians are known for wistfully looking/staring at other women but never actually approaching them. Even though the stares and yearning looks are often returned, neither party approaches out of fear. This comes from a long heritage of being taught that assertiveness is kin to aggressiveness but awareness is key. Realize this is not your fault –we were often shamed when little girls are assertive– and work on changing this pattern can be hard but doable! Realize it is hard and scary then start practicing approaching women a little bit at a time. Start small – take the pressure off yourself that this is a big deal – you’ll find with practice it gets easier and easier.

At first you may be rejected a few times, but there will also be women who are over the moon that you made the first move. It is important to note that women are generally quite friendly and receptive to being approached by women – something to remember as it can feel quite flattering!

Once this becomes easier it is important that the woman you are approaching knows you are interested in her and not looking for a new gal pal. If you don’t, then it is more than likely you’ll end up in the friend zone.

Once you’re comfortable talking to your new lady friend and are definitely interested in dating her, then don’t hesitate to ask her out. Unfortunately, in these modern times, romance seems to have died where people simply ask to “hang out.” This doesn’t work in the long run so make your intentions clear and ask her out on a real date either to a nice restaurant or some other place where both of you can talk and get to know each other better. You should avoid taking her to bars, girl parties or clubs since you want her to be focused on you and take you seriously.

A nice intimate setting is the perfect way to start dating a woman you’re seriously interested in and I’m certain that if things are meant to be, you two will hit it off. However, once the ball starts rolling, it is critical that you avoid talking about your ex or immediately introducing her to all your friends or worse, your ex-girlfriends.

Take your time to get to know each other and your interests – make sure you have important things in common. Also, it is crucial you take it nice and slow; don’t rush into bed or U-hauling it after a couple of dates. Wait at least 30 days to sleep together. Sure, it can seem like torture in the short run, but if she’s the one, it will be worth it.

In closing, the best lesbian dating advice discussed in this article that will not only help you meet more women but help you find and eventually create a life with “the one.” Dating can tough, especially as a lesbian, but if you follow the above tips, I’m certain that you won’t be single for long.

Here’s a little Lesbian Humor to top it off.


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